Organic Menstruation Pads

“How do we say this…”

“Okay, so what are we making, exactly?” Ahhh, the joys of a family venture. We (my sister, mom and I) had been enthusiastically brainstorming for months about our new idea. My Dad (who is hard of hearing), was eager to help make our new product… and thought he knew what we were making. He is an “inventor type” and loves to use tools and create better ways of doing things. He was pleased at the arrival of his new tool. The Kam Snap press. He was planning on being the one to add the snaps “to the kid’s tool belts – for make believe play.” Hmmmm… Dad, how do we say this? “We aren’t making children’s dress-up accessories exactly… ” And the concept for our business name was born. Blushing Bluebird Essentials.


It’s a bit of an awkward topic. Discussion about flow, cycles and methods of dealing with it isn’t something everyone is very comfortable with. It isn’t exactly a hot dinner topic or one that everyone wants to post about on social media. Tool belts with tiny plastic hammers on cute little tots would have been much more Instagram worthy.


It may not be cute, but it is important. Conversations about menstruation aren’t just conversations about “dealing with it”. They are conversations about women’s health, taking care of and appreciating our bodies. It is dialogue about how to support women in our lives. Taking the discussion one step further, it is also about supporting the needs of women in crisis – both here in Canada and around the globe.

Bold Bluebirds

Since my sister Amie first proposed this idea, we have had many such conversations – with each other and with the many others who asked about what we have been working on. We are no longer “little blushing bluebirds”. We are bold bluebirds! Women menstruate. It’s a fact of life. We don’t want women to “just deal with it” as quietly and inconspicuously as possible regardless of health or environmental implications. We can do better than that!

Our Goal

At Blushing Bluebird Essentials, our goal is to handcraft clean, healthy, comfortable solutions for women that are good for the planet too. We are excited to be a part of the #wearcloth movement. Join us for a healthier you, a cleaner earth and a brighter future.