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Switching to Bluebird Cloth Pads: Top Tricks & Tips

Hello Friends! First of all, thanks for being here, reading this post and consider making the switch to Bluebird Cloth Pads!

I decided to interrupt my post series on the Biggest Reasons to Switch to Cloth Pads (Your Body, Your Planet, Your Budget & Your Local Economy) to bring you this straight forward post on “getting ‘er done”. I am going to answer (as concisely as possible) the questions we hear most often. Let’s dive right in!


“Are Bluebird Cloth Pads hard to care for?”

Not. at. all. Washing Bluebird Cloth Pads is easy (not fussy, gross or time consuming as one might think). The most important thing to remember is that Bluebird Cloth Pads don’t like: bleach, fabric softener or ironing. The rest is up to you and what works best for your lifestyle and laundry habits. Here are the basics and a few suggestions.

  • Store.

After use, you will need a spot to store your soiled items until you are ready to launder. Wetbags are awesome (especially when you are out), but anything water resistant (especially if you opt for rinsing immediately) such as a bag, pouch or pail can work.

  • Pre-Wash Rinse or Soak (optional).

Pre-rinsing is a helpful step but not always necessary. Some women opt to pre-rinse if the item is very soaked or to help prevent staining. A couple ideas:

  • rinse under running water in the bathroom sink;
  • save up your items and rinse all together in a low-water cycle in your machine; or
  • put them on the bottom of your tub while you shower (saves water!)

That said, I don’t personally pre-rinse my items. I have found that they come out perfectly fresh & clean just being washed along with everything else.

  • Wash & Dry.

Wash & dry along with everything else as you normally do. Again, just remember not to add fabric softeners or bleach and don’t iron after the fact (they won’t need it – Bluebird Cloth Pads don’t tend to to crumple in the wash).

*Tip* Have a stain that is bothering you? Grab this Canadian made Bunchafarmers Stain Stick and (even if it has been washed and dried already) rub in and wash again. Works like a charm!

Another thing to *Note*. Our fabrics are made with low impact dyes so will naturally fade over time. Not only is low impact dye better for the environment, it is also better for the quality of your item! Low impact dye doesn’t compromise the integrity of the cotton fibres, so your items will stay stronger over time than traditionally treated cotton fabric will.


How do they stay in place?

Bluebird Cloth Pads have wings that fold under your panties and snap in place. They have long gusset (aka “wingspan”) that fits onto the narrowest part of your underwear. The widening towards the back and front of the underwear naturally keeps the cloth pad snugged into place. Also, unlike some cloth pads that have a slippery PUL backing, our organic cotton backing offers more “traction” as well! *Bonus!*


Are they waterproof?

Yes! All of our pads have a waterproof barrier. This layer will prevent any “leak throughs” from happening.

*Tip* The speed of absorbency increases with a few wash and wear cycles. If you have a heavy flow and want to make sure things go perfectly the first round, wash them a few times before wearing!


Will they be visible under my pants?

Short answer: no. Long answer: everyone’s shape is different! If you are a tiny person wearing thin tights and a large size of pad (Optimal or Super Nighttime) it is possible for it be visible. That said, Bluebird Cloth Pads are super thin – even thinner than some disposables! My best advice? Do a quick check in the mirror before you go for a confidence boost. No one will scrutinize your bum as closely as you will!


Will they work for me?

We believe that Bluebird Cloth Pads will work beautifully for every woman through various stages of life! They are a fantastic, healthy solution for young girls and great for the slight incontinence needs of the more mature – and everything in between. If you are unsure, message us! We are more than happy to help you figure out what items would work best for you.


How many do I need?

The answer to this question entirely depends on your flow, laundry habits and personal preferences. As a general rule, you may be able to “squeak by” with as few as five (especially if you work from home), be comfortable “on the go” with eight, and be able to go for two or three days at a time with 12. Starting with five to eight cloth pads will help ensure your success. You can always add a few more favourites to your stash as you go along.


Which side faces up?

Our pads are designed to have the pattern and label side down and the solid colour side up against your skin.


Final Tip:

My last (and possibly most important) tip for making the switch is to make sure your underwear fit well. Remember, your pad needs to be snug against your body in order to work most effectively. You pad will be wherever your undies are, so keep it snugged up where it belongs.



Bluebird Cloth Pads are awesome. You should try them. We can help!

Yes, there are a few things to get accustomed to when you make the switch, but it really is simple! And, there are a few things you really won’t miss when you make the switch like:

  • dealing with the garbage created during your period;
  • having the cupboard under your sink crammed packages of disposables;
  • the unnatural feel of disposables;
  • the smell of synthetic fragrance or odour neutralizers;
  • itching, skin rashes, infections or other irritations around the time of your period. (you may even associate those with your cycle and won’t realize until switching that they are not a part of your cycle! *True story!* )

I hope this post has answered the questions that have been nagging at the back of your mind. If not, please feel free to ask us or check out my other posts on the topic, such as Wear Cloth Pads: Why Your Body Will Thank You

If you haven’t already, follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook as I continue the blog series covering the biggest reasons for making the switch to sustainable lady products like Bluebird Cloth Pads. Until next time ladies, cheerio!