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Organic Cloth Pads: Your Body Will Thank You

Hi Friends! First of all, thank you for popping in to check out Why Your Body Will Thank You for making the switch to organic cloth pads. I fully appreciate the fact that making the switch to a new menstrual product is huge, but promise it is worthwhile!

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  1. Your Body;
  2. Your Planet;
  3. Your Local Economy; and
  4. Your Budget.


Have you ever paused for a moment to consider what your menstrual products are made of?

Have you ever looked for the ingredients on the packaging of your feminine product of choice? If you have, you may have found a partial list – or none at all. Unlike packaged foods, the regulations for women’s hygiene products don’t require manufacturers to provide consumers with a complete, detailed list of ingredients. I guess we are supposed to “take their word for it”?

When I was in the drugstore the other day, I noticed that they had changed their aisle sign. Instead of “Feminine Hygiene”, it now reads “Feminine Paper.” I am not sure that “paper” is a very accurate term to describe the products on those shelves. Imagine if the sign offered a more accurate, thorough content description? They would need a much bigger sign.


  • synthetic fibers and/or cotton (what does and/or even mean here?);
  • rayon viscose;
  • wood pulp;
  • petrochemicals;
  • phthalates;
  • synthetic fragrances, odour neutralizers;
  • styrene, chloroethane, chloroform; and
  • bleach, dioxins, pesticide and herbicide residue.

With that signage, perhaps we would avoid aisle 9 altogether!

Dr. Mercola, among many others advocating for women’s health, has stated that putting products with these chemical additives against your skin (especially the highly permeable area in and around your vagina) is actually worse than eating them. Yikes!

Brands like Kotex, Always, Playtex and OB state that their products are safe. I am inclined to believe that the risk of “sudden-death-by-pad” is extremely low! However, I am also inclined to believe that exposure for a week out of every month for approximately 40 years of a woman’s life can add up.

Our choice of feminine hygiene products matters to our reproductive and general health. 


Health and comfort seem to go hand in hand quite often, don’t they? Menstrual products are no exception. Do you ever feel itchy and sweaty during your period or have severe menstrual cramps?

I don’t at all consider myself to be allergic to disposables (I know many women who are, and it is definitely not that bad for me). However, I did associate several discomforts with my period that have all but disappeared entirely since making the switch.

Menstrual Cramps. When I first read that women experience reduced menstrual cramps when they switched to products like our organic cloth pads, I was completely cynical. It is first hand, experience based testimony and has no scientific backing. However, when I made the switch to organic cloth pads, I realized it was true. Either I noticed less (because I was less “aware” of the pad and my period because of it’s “just undies” feel) or something else about the disposables was increasing my discomfort. I’ll let you know if/when I find a real reason for it!

Yeast Infections. TMI: I have struggled with yeast issues on and off for years. There are many aspects that contribute to yeast, but wearing plastic for a week every month simply didn’t comply with my doctor’s recommendation to “wear loose breathable clothing.” Wearing plastic down there decreases airflow and traps heat and moisture, leaving you susceptible to yeast overgrowth. I have had one “close call” since making the switch to organic cloth pads. Normally, I would have had many such “close calls,” (with a couple developing into a full blown problem) in that same time period.

Dryness/Itching/Rashes (and other non-descript irritations). The other problem with many disposables pads is that they are absorbent. Too absorbent, in fact. The absorbent “gel” may actually dry out your sensitive areas too much and disrupt the natural balance of healthy moisture in the area. In addition, synthetic fragrances and odour neutralizers may cause mild (or severe) reactions.

Unpleasant smells. Do you wear disposable pads? Do you occasionally (or frequently) notice an unpleasant smell? I used to change my disposable pad very often (far more than necessary) for just that reason. Once I switched to organic cloth pads, I realized a big change in “that department”. It isn’t your body or your period that smells that way, it’s the pad!


At this point, I simply can’t resist saying that I want you to give Bluebird Organic Cloth Pads a try. My sister, mom and I just launched this little business last month, so I may be *just a little* biased. There are many great reusable options out there, but… our organic cloth pads are just a little amazing. Bluebird Organic Cloth Pads are predominantly comprised of organic cotton. Our top layer also contains 5% spandex (to create the “moves-with-me” feel) and we have a waterproof layer that is polyurethane laminate (created in North America using an eco-friendly process). The rest of the fabric is ALL absorbent, beautiful, 100% organic cotton created using colourful low-impact dyes. Our fabrics are CPSIA Compliant and/or GOTS certified. It doesn’t get any better than that.


So dive in and make the switch to organic cloth pads, we promise it will be worth your time! You will experience comfort you did not even know was possible during your period!

Thanks again for reading and considering making the switch! Don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook for more on why your body, your planet, your budget and your local economy will thank you for making the switch.