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Organic Washable Pads – Healthy You, Clean Earth

Have you ever thought of using organic washable pads?

Do you dislike disposable pads, tampons & liners? Do you find them mildly irritating or downright uncomfortable? Do you dislike the garbage using disposables makes? It may be time to switch up your routine!

Thin profile of cloth pad

Using Bluebird Organic Pads is Easy

Wear. Wash. Repeat.

Bluebird organic washable pads are unbelievably thin, supremely comfortable and offer ultimate protection that feels like wearing just panties!

Bluebird Organic Washable Pads are perfect for:

  • your menstrual cycles (alone or in conjunction with a cup or tampon); and
  • daily wear to stay fresh & dry and/or to catch little laughing leaks.

Bluebird Pads are designed as a simple all-in-one unit that snaps on and off so you can feel fresh and dry without changing.

Bluebird Organic Cloth Pads are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabrics + High Performance Organic Cotton Core + an Eco-Barrier. They are made colourful with low-impact dyes.

Bluebird Organic Period Products don’t crumple in the wash or bunch up in your panties. They stay smooth to fit your form. They are durable, well designed and remain snugly in place!

Ready to Give Bluebird Pads a Try?

Bluebird Organic Washable Pads now come in simple “grab & go” Starter Kits! Just pick the kit right for you, choose your colours/prints and checkout through our easy to use shopping cart that features local pickup or shipping options. Your package will be shipped or ready for pickup in 1-2 business days!

Our Starter Kits Contain

Five or Six Organic Cloth Pads

your choice of colour in sizes suitable to your flow level

One Dual Pocket Waterproof Clutch

perfect solution for at home or on the go
one secure overlap front pocket for clean
one zippered waterproof pocket for used
box corners and your favourite print complete the look

One “BunchaFarmers” Stain Stick

Using Bluebird organic washable pads actually costs less than non-organic disposables and much less than organic disposables. This means Less money wasted. Less production impact. Less landfill waste.

There are so many reasons to make the switch to a green period!

Want to Learn More?

Check out our blog article Switching To Cloth Pads for frequently asked questions and the Why Cloth section on our website for the top reasons to choose Bluebird Organic Washable Cloth Pads:

Your Body;
Your Planet;
Your Local Economy; and
Your Budget.

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Thank-you for choosing Bluebird Pads and supporting Canadian handmade.
Cheers to a healthier you, a cleaner earth and a brighter future.

Just a Few Customer Reviews

I was a skeptic about this product due to my heavy periods.  I absolutely fell in love with how the pad felt on my skin as opposed to the traditional pad.  It was comfortable, soft and breathable.  Once my period was in full swing, it was amazing to see that it whisked the blood away from the surface and into the pad. I normally change my store bought pads every 60 min or less when my bleeding is heavy, along with using a tampon to boot. That was not the case with these lovely, homemade, highly absorbable pads.  I actually had to change only b/c I felt it was time after about a 5 hour time frame. -Bluebird Pads Fan-Mail

I was immediately impressed by how soft and thin the fabric was, even on the overnight pads. I am so used to pads feeling bulky and these were the complete opposite. They wick away moisture and the more narrow fit seemed to be just perfect for a snug fit that doesn’t let the pad twist or move around. The patterns are beautiful and not overbearing. Definitely one of my faves and I am looking forward to having them in my rotation!

What an amazing product! I’d been meaning to attempt the switch to cloth for a long time, and when I came across their beautiful prints and quality design, I knew it was time. I was a skeptic that cloth pads would stand up to the task – but the design of these pads is more efficient and comfortable than any disposable I’ve ever used. I won’t be looking back! – Bluebird Pads Review

I have worn these pads for a few cycles now and I just love them! They are sooooo crazy soft and thin you can’t even tell you are wearing them. And very absorbent. They wash up perfectly, the colours and patterns are gorgeous, and they are so soft! 5 stars from this Mama! – Bluebird Pads Review

Bluebird Pads are not only comfortable, but did what I needed them to do. Easy to rinse and put in the machine with no hassle.  I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and superior product.  I have gone from skeptic to fan. Give Blushing Bluebird a try! – Bluebird Pads Fan-Mail