Your Choice of Pads & Liners Matter: Here’s Why

Did you know that when it comes to pads & liners, what is healthy and comfortable for you is best for the earth too?

Each year, Canadians add approximately 62 million packages of disposable menstrual products (pads, liners & tampons) to landfills. In other words, we add roughly the volume of these two buildings to landfills each year!

Most of these products are non-biodegradable and will remain where they are dumped for hundreds of years to come.

What’s more, these products contain components and incidental byproducts that are both undisclosed and potentially harmful to women’s health. Do you know anyone whose body reacts in an uncomfortable, highly unfavourable way to the use of commercial disposable products?  We know of many!

It was our discovery of these issues (unpopular at best and completely taboo at worst) that lead my sister, mom and I to launch Blushing Bluebird Essentials in January 2017. We made it our mission to create the cleanest, best and most modern cloth feminine pads possible. We want to have a positive impact on the lives of women (of all ages) today and do our part to keep the earth clean for future generations.

Bluebird Pads comes in a range of sizes and absorbencies, are soft, ultra-thin and exceptionally absorbent. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, pop them in the washer and dryer! Bluebird pads are handmade on Vancouver Island from ethically sourced, organic cotton + eco-waterproof barrier.

Sometimes the simplest, most logical solutions are the best!