What Women Really Think About Reusable Cloth Pads

Are you curious about reusable cloth pads or reusable panty liners?

Perhaps you have been noticing some “rave reviews” popping up on your newsfeed or you have a friend who suggested you try them? Maybe you dislike your disposable pads and tampons, but have been unaware of better options until recently?

Here is what a few of our fans have to say about their experience with Bluebird Pads:

I LOVE BLUEBIRD PADS! They are crazily well made, so warm, so comforting, so pretty and feminine, soft and breathe so well. I just love them!

These pads are SO deluxe. You can tell they are hand-crafted and lovingly made, which really speaks to my social consciousness, and I love that they are made in Canada, on my island! The biggest thing is that they are effective. The shape of them contours well in underwear, and for a heavy bleeder with endometriosis like myself, I need that extra length to feel secure that it won’t leak. Reusable pads feel expensive to start, but after a few months of not having to run out and buy pads, it pays for itself and then more!

I was so grossed out by the concept! In fact one Sunday morning I was out for breaky with a friend and we were both like, nope not going to happen. A few hours later at a market and I bought two and I LOVE them! It’s really not gross at all! Since I still only have two I sometimes have a regular white pad and now I find that that looks gross! And then I have to hide it in the garbage… hope to be buying more soon! The dark blue is best.

Andrea is so pleased with her Bluebird Pads, she even went LIVE to talk about it!

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Bluebird Pads are handmade in Canada from all organic cotton fabrics + waterproof barrier + a pinch of spandex for flexibility. They function the same as a commercial pad or liner, but instead of throwing it into the garbage, throw it in the washing machine & dryer! Forget your monthly run to the drugstore –  a set of Bluebird Reusable Pads will last you for years! 

But wait… what about when you are at work, shopping or the gym?

Bluebird Pads are really a reusable system. We also make pretty dual-pocket cosmetic style waterproof totes designed for this purpose! Simply store you clean items in the dry pocket and your used items in the waterproof pocket. When ready to launder, just empty your tote into the wash and toss the bag in too if you like!

Bluebird Pads come in a range of sizes, are thin, absorbent and … seriously comfortable. They are are made with only the best fabrics available (Global Organic Textile Certified and made colourful with low-impact dyes) for ultimate comfort, health and durability.

Facts About Sustainability and Health

Did you know that by using disposable menstrual products Canadian women add the approximate volume of one or even two eighteen story apartment buildings to landfills every single year?

Disposable feminine pads are the landfill equivalent of a plastic bag. What we put in the landfill 50 years ago, today and 50 years from nowwill still be there in 500 years

Not only that, commercial disposables are made to be just that – disposable! They are manufactured as economically as possible with the cheapest components.

Unlike packaged foods, the regulations for women’s hygiene products don’t require manufacturers to provide consumers with a complete detailed list of components and by-products.

Since we use these in and on one of the most absorbent areas of our bodies for at least a week out of every month for 40 plus years …

I think we can all agree that this is a BIG deal!