Our Story

Spring 2016

A Wonderful Awful Idea

To quote Dr. Suess, Amie “had an idea. An awful idea.” She “had a wonderful awful idea!” “Why don’t we sew cloth pads to sell?” she proposed.  Amie and Leah had been using cloth pads for several years and absolutely loved them.

A Family Business

Leah and Danielle had both found themselves at a crossroads in their careers and were looking for a new challenge. Amie already had more than enough to do – but was passionate about this new idea and excited to be involved.

No way - Awesome!

After a couple months of trying various cloth products, Danielle was completely convinced – cloth pads are wonderful and there is no going back to disposables once you know the comfort of cloth.


They all became excited about the possibility of creating a reusable product – a product that would save women money, encourage environmental awareness, promote awareness about women’s health issues and keep plastic out of the landfill! The three ladies spent countless hours brainstorming, researching and conceptualizing…

Another Problem.

But wait…. a business selling a product that customers spend significantly less money on over time than they spend on competitor’s disposable products (who happen to be huge corporations with massive advertising budgets and long term market domination)? A business that blatantly discourages mindless consumerism? A business where your goal is to create a product specifically so that customers won’t need more for years? That is a pretty awful business idea!

More than Money

At Blushing Bluebird Essentials, the main concern isn’t business margins and profits (no matter what). It is about much more than money. It is about passion, quality of life and health for their family and community. It is about improving the future environmental forecast – even if just a little bit – and keeping the planet clean for their children and grandchildren.
Sincerely, Leah, Amie & Danielle - the Bluebird Organic Cloth Pads & Liners Team