Reusable Pads, Period Underwear & More

Consider Cloth

Discover why more women are choosing organic cloth as the most comfortable, healthy, clean and cost-effective option.  Bluebird organic cloth pads are the best, most comfortable option for you, the clean choice for the planet and are more cost effective than disposable options!

Benefits of Bluebird Pads

Our organic cloth pads are handcrafted with vibrant, organic fabrics and designed for ultimate comfort and function.  Each of our products have been thoughtfully created for ultimate comfort and performance. We love our Bluebird Pads – and think you will too!

Switching to Bluebird Pads

Switching to Bluebird Pads is easy! It isn’t ‘just another thing’ to add to your to-do list.  Instead of taking out the trash daily, throw your pads in the wash.  Instead of buying pads on a monthly basis, buy Bluebird Pads once and use for years!  Just choose, use, wash & repeat.

User Testimonials

Starter Period Kits


Be sure to check out our organic cloth pad starter kits! Each kit includes five pads and one dual pocket waterproof clutch.

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