Used for Menstruation, Postpartum, & Incontinence

Bluebird Pads are perfect for all seasons of a woman’s life.

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    Early Teen

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    Regular Cycles

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    Light Daily Care

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    Mild Incontinence

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Switching to Bluebird Pads is easy! It isn’t ‘just another thing’ to add to your to-do list.  Instead of taking out the trash daily, throw your pads in the wash.  Instead of buying pads on a monthly basis, buy Bluebird Pads once and use for years!  Just choose, use, wash & repeat.

How Do I Know What I Need?

To help you decide what products are suitable for you, our pads come in absorbency levels indicated by feathers on the description and on their attached product labels.

1 feather = very light, non-flow (liner)
2 feather = light to regular
3 feather = regular to heavy
4 feather = very heavy

Period Flow Absorbency Chart for Cloth Pads
  • Organic Cloth for Light Flow
    Petites – Thong (6 in) or Panty (6 in)
    Our petite line is ideal for use as a daily liner, for light spotting or as backup for an internal menstrual device
  • Organic Cloth for Regular Flow
    Classics – Short (7½ in) or Long (9 in)
    Our Classic line is perfect for light to regular daytime needs, very light nights or slight incontinence/leaks.
  • Organic Cloth for Heavy Flow
    Supers – Day (10½ in) or Night (12 in)
    With an extra absorbent layer and increased gusset width, our Super line is ideal for light to heavy night time, light to heavy daytime flow and mild incontinence
  • Organic Cloth for Very Heavy Flow
    Optimals – Anytime (13½ in) or Extra (15 in)
    Designed with double absorbency reinforcement throughout the core and wings and increased gusset width, our Optimal line is perfect for extra heavy flow including perimenopausal cycles and postpartum needs.

How Many Do I Need?

How many you will need is dependent on your personal period, preferences and laundry habits. As a general guideline, we recommend changing your pad every 3-4 hours during the day and putting a fresh one on when you go to bed at night.  At that rate, a full day’s supply is 5 or 6 pads. Our Kits are a great starting point. If you are uncertain, start there and add to your stash as needed.

How Do They Work?


For best fit ensure your panties are snug fitting so they will hold your Bluebird Pad close to your body and in place.

Choose the absorbency level you need (pad absorbency level indicated on back of product label with a feather rating of between 1 and 4)
Place print side down with label towards the back in your underwear.
Fold wings under and snap in place.
Adjust placement if needed.
Wash & repeat!